Restore Integrity

As the Chair of my Neighborhood Council, membership on the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center Committee and the Inland NW Boy Scout Executive Board, I've dealt with many of the local issues facing us. Crime, economic growth, and school safety are things we all care about, and I want to make sure EVERYONE has a seat at the table.




Build a safer Spokane

I'm honored to be endorsed by Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and Spokane County Prosecutor, Larry Haskell. Property crime is out of control in the Third Legislative District because local law enforcement lacks the resources to prevent it. I'm committed to working to toughen our probation system and ensure that property crime is treated seriously. This includes:

  • Working with the court system to revise sentencing structure for these crimes, so the outcomes are more effective.
  • Providing better sentencing guidelines for prosecutors and judges, giving them more tools to decide these cases.


Economic Growth

Washington State has taken in about 14% more revenue annually per year since 2011, without new taxes. We don't need new tax initiatives in our area, but instead need to provide options for small business owners to succeed and provide great jobs for Spokane residents. 


Educational Opportunities

While the Legislature has finally fully funded K-12 education, there's still more work to be done. I think we should provide more choice in our school system, and give students and parents the options to shape their future:

  • I will work to re-introduce the trades, such as electric, automotive, and plumbing, into our schools.
  • While college is a great opportunity for some students, others should have options in high school to pursue other careers.
  • I will work to reduce community college and trade school tuition.
    • I'm endorsed by state senators that led the charge to reduce college tuition in our state, and will I continue their work to make college more affordable to everyone.

Education Safety

As the father of 2 young boys, I know first hand the anxiety many parents feel about their children's safety. I will advance current efforts to promote cooperation between local school districts and law enforcement to provide a safer environment for our kids, including:

  • The development of an app to help students and faculty to better identify problems their peers are facing, and provide support and solutions.
  • Work with school districts and local law enforcement to provide security options for our school districts.
  • Basic mental health training for our faculty to help them better identify student's problems, and be proactive in solving them.